The Lotus Club

Creating Memories of a Lifetime

Observation Deck

Located on the 7th Floor of the Tower House, the Observation Deck is where visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the city of Colombo from an elevation of 244 metres. Alongside the breathtaking views, the Observation Deck also offers extreme experiences such as Bungee Jumping and SkyDiving.

Lotus Suites

The Lotus Suites offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to relax and unwind in a suite housed inside the tower, offering unforgettable views of Colombo’s skyline. These accommodations provide a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings.

Banquet Halls

There are many Banquet Halls in the Lotus Tower, however, those located in the Tower House are some of the most exquisite. These two halls have a total space of around 15000 ft² and can accommodate about 600-650 guests in total.

Conference Halls

The Lotus Conference Halls are designed to elevate any corporate experience. From executive board meetings to institutional conferences, the halls are sure to live up to your expectations.

Revolving Restaurant

Located in the Tower House section of the Lotus Tower, the revolving restaurant is one of its kind in the whole of South Asia. The revolving restaurant takes 90 minutes to complete a total revolution while you indulge in some of the finest world-class delicacies.